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Executive  Team

It takes knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to achieve excellence in any discipline. We have a team that possesses each of these attributes. Every member of our executive management team has demonstrated such qualities, as is evident from their achievements in their law enforcement careers. They all started their investigative careers as Police Officers in the New York Police Department. Some of them rose through the ranks and became three-star bureau chiefs, while some chose the investigative path, retiring as detective commanders and highly decorated detectives from the most elite investigative units within the NYPD. Their track records and competency are well documented and span their entire law enforcement careers. They all joined forces under Cyber Diligence to provide our clients with the same level of investigative excellence they provided to the public.

Our executive team’s fields of expertise include technology investigations, digital forensics, IT security assessments, insider abuse detection and investigation. They are specialists in cases involving industrial espionage, employee misconduct, intrusion response, counter intelligence and digital forensics. The Cyber Diligence investigative team is made up of former law enforcement investigators who collectively possess more than 150 years of investigative experience. Thanks to their capabilities, we have successfully investigated many high profile cases ranging from matrimonial disputes to industrial espionage cases in the United States, and abroad.  

In addition, all members of our executive team are experienced corruption investigators. In both their public and private careers, they have provided corruption prevention and investigative consulting services to sovereign nations, governments and private organizations. Members of our executive team routinely travel throughout the world providing assistance in developing effective cybercrime-fighting infrastructures for allied governments.

Yalkin DEMIRKAYA - President

Mr. Yalkin Demirkaya has twenty years of law enforcement experience as a Detective Investigator as well as a Detective Commander. In addition to his responsibilities as the Commander of the Computer Crimes Investigations Unit, Mr. Demirkaya also served as the Chief Information Security Officer of the Internal Affairs Bureau of New York Police Department. Mr. Demirkaya has been responsible for creation of the first computer crimes investigation unit dedicated to internal investigations in the government sector. Mr. Demirkaya has pioneered and perfected investigative techniques for computer crime investigations.  He possesses twenty-nine years of computer experience as a white hat hacker. He is the founder and was the Commanding Officer of Computer Crimes Investigation Unit of the Internal Affairs Bureau, New York Police Department.

Charles CAMPISI - Senior Vice President  

Mr. Charles Campisi has served in the New York Police Department since October 1973, filling a multitude of different roles in the organization. Standing out among the positions he has held are a variety of police operational, investigative, administrative and managerial assignments. He has served through the NYPD ranks in patrol and traffic, as well as in the police academy. Since July 1996, he has been the head of the largest and the oldest Internal Affairs Investigative entity in the world. Mr. Campisi was one of the architects of the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau at its inception. Today, the New York Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau is the largest and most sophisticated corruption fighting organization in the world. There is no other internal investigative unit that comes close to the size and capabilities of the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau. Mr. Campisi has served as the Bureau Chief for over seventeen years.

Ray CRUZ - Director , Forensic Investigations

Having served in the Computer Crimes Unit of Internal Affairs in the New York Police Department, Mr. Cruz has been involved in numerous investigations involving incident response, employee sabotage, violations or breech of company policy, sexual harassment via e-mail, instant messaging and other forms of electronic communications, as well as the discovery of hidden evidence and data on company computers and facilities. Mr. Cruz has the ability to take his computer security and forensic training and apply it to investigations of any magnitude. Another specialty of his is processing challenging Digital Crime Scenes where the presence of the digital evidence is not apparent. He has mentored and trained Cyber Crime investigators in the art of identification, preservation and collection of hidden digital evidence. During an extremely sensitive investigation of child pornography, Mr. Cruz has discovered that the individual in question was utilizing the company’s email server to communicate with other known child predators. While working at a NYS Hospital, Ray instructed and trained the Information Technology staff on the proper way of conducting an internal investigation: how to create a case, create a case folder and properly handle electronic medical records so they could be review by the hospital’s counsel.

Richard BESHLIAN - Director , IT Investigations

Until his retirement, Mr. Beshlian served as the Commanding Officer of the Computer Crimes Unit, Internal Affairs Bureau, New York City Police Department where he was in charge of managing and supervising all computer crime investigations and computer forensic examinations. Mr. Beshlian has supervised and conducted hundreds of highly sensitive computer crime investigations and computer forensic examinations. Mr. Beshlian has twenty-three years of law enforcement experience as an Investigator as well as a Unit Commander. Prior to being promoted as the Commanding Officer of the Computer Crimes Investigation Unit, he has served as the unit’s Executive Officer under the founder and the unit’s former commander, Mr. Demirkaya. In addition, Mr. Beshlian has spent many years as an Investigative Team Leader, in the NYPD’s Special Investigation Unit, which is tasked to investigate only the highly sensitive and extremely important cases. Mr. Beshlian is an extremely skilled Investigator as well as a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor for New York Police Department in investigative, computer crime and computer forensic fields.




Frank SARAYLI - Director , Financial Investigations

Mr. Sarayli is a Forensic Accountant with over 26 years of experience. He is the Director of Financial Investigations for Cyber Diligence, Inc. In this role, he provides fraud investigation and prevention, complex litigation support, and forensic accounting services for a variety of clients. Mr. Sarayli regularly provides consulting and expert witness assistance to attorneys in a variety of litigation matters. As a Forensic Accountant, Mr. Sarayli is responsible for resolving a wide range of allegations of fraud and “white-collar” crime. He has the expertise to obtain evidence, take statements and write reports, testify to findings, and assist in all aspects of helping to detect and prevent fraudulent crime. He determines and documents the amount of losses for the clients, and provides expert witness testimony in criminal and civil proceedings involving the fraud. He then develops methods to help protect our clients from future fraudulent activity.

David KONDRUP - Vice President , Strategic Initiatives

Mr. Kondrup has over 25 years of experience in law enforcement including Business Continuity, Forensic Technology, and Investigations (Computer Forensics, Security, Project Implementation, Strategic Initiatives, and Change Management). Mr. Kondrup has held executive positions within the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department (NCSD) and the New York Police Department (NYPD) coordinating numerous technology initiatives and serving as an incident commander, as well as filling a variety of General Staff and Command Staff positions for response to incidents including natural and manmade disasters such as bombings and civil disturbances. He has extensive experience in the development of policies and procedures for law enforcement agencies. In addition, he excels in performing in-depth gap analysis involving new technologies and initiatives.

Sukru DURMAZ -  Managing Director - EMEA

Mr. Durmaz is managing director of Cyber Diligence Inc. in the EMEA region. After graduating from the Turkish Military Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering, he worked for the Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie in the Cybercrime and Digital Forensics fields for over 15 years as a law enforcement officer. Mr. Durmaz is the founder of the first Cyber Crime Center, as well as the Digital Forensics Unit in the Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie. During his 15-year career, he worked both as a law enforcement officer and as a digital forensics expert witness in more than 3,000 Cybercrime and Digital Forensic cases in 81 cities under responsibility of the Gendarmerie. Mr. Durmaz has directed numerous national and international cybercrime cases as head of the Cyber Crime department in the Turkish Gendarmerie. Mr. Durmaz has been responsible for incident response, seizing electronic evidence, and investigative procedures and forensic analysis in the area of cybercrime as an EMEA Manager.

Serdar ASLAN - Director, Digital Forensics - EMEA

Mr. Aslan is Digital Forensic Laboratory Manager of Cyber Diligence Inc. in the EMEA region. After graduating from Anatolian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, he worked at the Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie for 25 years as a law enforcement officer, with his last 10 years spent specializing as a cybercrime and digital forensics expert. During his 10-year cybercrime & digital forensics career, he worked on more than 1,000 cybercrime and digital forensic cases. He personally dealt with incident response, e-discovery, electronic evidence seizure, and lab analysis, as well as reporting to legal authorities. Mr. Aslan has been responsible for incident response, seizure of electronic evidence, and forensic analysis in the area of cybercrime as a member of Cyber Diligence Inc. EMEA.