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Cyber Diligence Inc. provides consulting services to law firms and business organizations of all sizes, as well as sovereign nations. Our specialists have spearheaded a variety of consulting assignments for legal professionals in the United States, providing perspectives that would otherwise have been neglected; we know what to look for in a case, how to handle expert witnesses, and how to apply our technical skill to the field of law. On a global scale, we can effect change in the management and operations of cyber-crime infrastructures, on both the national and local levels, while mitigating risk. Due to our unique executive makeup, we have the capabilities to establish complex frameworks [with specific goals in mind] for law enforcement and governmental entities.

The experience we bring to the table will ensure that you are familiar with every aspect of your case, from investigation to litigation. An expert will work with you, discussing all your options and providing you with the knowledge to move forward. Our services will help you alleviate any risks and issues before they arise.
Corruption Prevention Consulting Services

The senior team at Cyber Diligence consists of former members of the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and collectively possesses over 50 years of experience involved with corruption investigations and prevention. We provide consulting services to Sovereign Nations, Government Organizations, and Private Corporations on corruption prevention and investigations. We have implemented policies and helped write laws, and established corruption fighting entities, such as a version of Internal Affairs and Inspector General’s Office geared specially for sovereign nations. Even though we are mainly a Digital Forensics firm, we also have very high qualifications in terms of corruption investigations.

Members of our executive staff were the architects of the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau at its inception. Today, the New York Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau is the largest and most sophisticated corruption fighting organization in the world. There is no other internal investigative unit that comes close to the size and capabilities of the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau. Our Senior VP Mr. Campisi has served as the Bureau Chief for over seventeen years. As a result, Mr. Campisi is perhaps the most experienced individual in corruption prevention and investigations in the world. Mr. Campisi has served as a member of Interpol’s Expert Group on Corruption, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police Internal Affairs Advisory Committee. As innovators in the field of corruption prevention, members of Cyber Diligence have not only developed novel strategies to investigate corruption but have also successfully implemented these techniques, effectively reducing corruption complaints. On the international stage, we have served as a member of numerous Assistance Teams sponsored by the United States Department of State, and worked with and advised Foreign Governments in establishing and strengthening internal controls. In addition, we have consulted with legislative bodies both local and abroad on the enactment of Anti-Corruption Laws that would help disclose corrupt practices, set ethical standards and guidelines, and provide criminal and civil penalties for violations.

Expert Advice and Testimony on Digital Forensics

We provide a unique set of consulting services to legal professionals in the digital forensics field. With our vast amount of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the digital forensics field, we are able to provide valuable expert advice to legal professionals when the accuracy of an expert declaration or a report is in question. Often, we find that forensic reports and declarations completed by “independent” forensic examiners are not “independent” at all. They are often swayed towards helping their client triumph in their legal battle. Unfortunately, many digital forensic experts fall victim to such practices, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. In our experience we have seen two separate phenomena involving swayed expert declarations. We have witnessed a forensic expert struggling with his own statements because the law firm is a prominent client of the company he worked for, and the attorneys were dictating to him what his “expert opinion” should be. This is an exceptionally common occurrence. We also see counsel changing the contents of the forensic expert's report and filing an electronic declaration to the court which is so heavily modified, it becomes a total fabrication.

What makes our services rather unique is that we become part of the legal team. As former law enforcement investigators, we have questioned thousands of suspects and witnesses and know every trick in the book. We go far beyond simply making our own analysis and writing an expert opinion. First, we make ourselves extremely familiar with the case by reading all the case papers. Then, we come up with a strategy to effectively deal with the expert if he is being less-than-truthful or his reports are being doctored. We develop effective strategies dealing with expert reports and declarations that are made during the course of the litigation. We work with counsel behind the scenes to provide technical, investigative, and strategic assistance. Our experts can attend depositions and provide technical assistance to counsel during questioning. We will assist counsel in asking the right questions and, more importantly, continue with a relevant chain of follow-up questions.

When the timing is right, we take a more overt role and become testifying experts. Our team of forensic examiners at Cyber Diligence is court recognized as “expert forensic witnesses.” Throughout our years of conducting forensics investigations, we have gained the experience, knowledge, and credentials to serve as expert witnesses in court.

Please refer to our sample Case Study 2 for an excellent example of this service.

Cyber Crime Infrastructure Development

The creation of a Cyber Crimes investigation infrastructure cannot be accomplished by simply purchasing technology; Cyber Crimes cannot be solved by technology alone, or, with the tools available for purchase on the market. It takes well-trained, well-equipped, dedicated professionals who possess the blended investigative and technological skills, knowledge, abilities and experience to be able to combat Cyber Crimes.

Due to our immense amount of experience and level of knowledge, along with our credentials, in the field of Cyber Crime prevention, government entities, including sovereign nations, have requested our assistance in developing Cyber Crime Infrastructures and Computer Forensics Labs. The Executive team at Cyber Diligence has worked with national police departments of sovereign nations to create Cyber Crime Investigation infrastructures. We have created organizational infrastructures, helped write policies and procedures, and designed computer forensic labs and training programs for cyber investigators and lab personnel.  We understand what is required to create an immaculate infrastructure.  We have the ability to design and engineer computer forensic labs using proven hardware and software, creating an optimal work environment that will produce maximum proficiency and reliability.

Unlike a typical technology vendor or reseller whose sole intention is to sell large quantities of their products [whether they are actually needed/suitable or not], as consultants, our goal is to propose and deliver a fully functional and fully capable Cyber Crime fighting infrastructure.  Our obligation to our clients involves selection of the best breed of tools that are most relevant for the efficient and effective operation of the organization. We have extensive experience in using all forms and brands of computer forensic hardware and software. Having been in the cyber investigations and computer forensics field for over fifteen years, both in law enforcement and private practice, we have firsthand experience in what works and what does not. Our design philosophy is from the viewpoint of a commander running the particular division and we pick the tools as if we are spending our own money. We eliminate all unnecessary duplications of hardware and software, and avoid products which have no practical application in real world investigations. We select tools based upon their merits and not by what we happen to sell. We always take into consideration the inevitable expansion of the infrastructure and design it to be fully scalable without any waste of money or human resources.