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Organizatons and persons of all types rely heavily on email communications, making it a crucial factor in every litigation. Deleted emails can often be recovered, even if they are erased intentionally. Metadata, such as email full header information, time stamps, etc., can all be very useful in an investigation if the authenticity of an email is ever brought into question. Email clients and servers are often full database applications, complete with document sources, contact managers, time managers, calendars, and many other features, all of which might be accessed forensically. Erasing or deleting an email does not necessarily mean that it is gone forever. Oftentimes, emails can be forensically extracted even after deletion.

In addition to our standard Computer Forensics tools, we utilize over a dozen specialized tools for email forensics, each focusing on different areas of email recovery and analysis. Among others, this email suite consists of:

Paraben Network Email Examiner

Paraben Network E-mail Examiner makes it easy to sift through hundreds of gigabytes of email, whether you're investigating Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Novell GroupWise. Paraben Network E-mail Examiner has been the leader in comprehensive email archive analysis for over 10 years. This experience allows Network E-mail Examiner to process through more types of data corruption and larger volumes of email. Additionally, it has analysis and reporting capabilities as well as data exporting and filtering options.

Paraben Email Examiner

Forensically examine hundreds of email formats including Outlook (PST and OST), Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows mail, and more. Paraben's E-mail Examiner  allows us to analyze message headers, bodies, and attachments. E-mail Examiner doesn't just recover email in the deleted folders; it recovers email deleted from deleted items (deleted/deleted). Supports advanced searching, reporting, and exporting to PST and other formats.