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Mobile Forensics is a division of digital forensics, which pertains to recovering digital evidence or data from mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices, and PDA devices. Mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. These devices go everywhere we go, giving us the benefits of a handheld computer with ever-increasing capabilities. However, with these novel benefits come detriments and unforeseen vulnerabilities. With the use of certain spy software, a mobile device may transform from an indispensable tool to a weapon, actively working against the owner. A compromised cell phone can be tracked, used to eavesdrop on phone calls as well as physical surroundings, and enable a perpetrator to view all text messages, chats, emails, pictures, videos, and social media activities, among other data. Our tools make it possible to uncover these supposedly “hidden” programs, while our investigators make it quite likely that nothing will be missed in our comprehensive analysis. Besides easing the discovery of spyware and other malicious programs, our software also allows us to image and recover deleted data from mobile phones. This information is particularly relevant to investigations of employee phones where confidential information may have been compromised.

Our arsenal of mobile forensic resources includes:

Cellebrite Touch Ultimate

Cellebrite Touch Ultimate is a mobile forensics tool which extracts, decodes, and analyzes mobile data. It performs physical, logical, file system and password extraction of all data. Cellebrite supports the widest range of devices including legacy and feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices, tablets and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets. With proprietary hardware, an integrated battery, an intuitive GUI and touch screen, the UFED Touch Ultimate speeds up the investigation process, meeting the demands of the mobile forensic industry.

Oxygen Forensic Suite

Oxygen Forensics Suite is a mobile forensics software that supports over 8000 devices. Oxygen Forensics is known to have a very simplistic user interface and recovers data such as mobile details, contacts, text messages (including deleted), multimedia (pictures, videos, music), browsing history, downloads, geographic locations, and application information.


Paraben Device Seizure

Paraben Device Seizure is the first commercial tool for mobile forensics. It has over 10 years of development supporting logical and physical analysis of thousands of devices. Analysis features include logical and physical acquisitions; file system acquisition, file viewers, Google Earth integration and much more, which will allow our investigators to perform a complete examination and conduct reports on all data required.

Access Data , Mobile Phone Examiner Plus

Mobile Forensic Examiner PLUS ®is AccessData’s market leading stand-alone mobile forensics software solution that delivers an intuitive interface, data visualization and smart device support in a single forensic interface. MPE+ supports even the most challenging mobile device profiles and features advanced carving, deleted data recovery, SQLite database browsing , advanced analysis ,filtering options and limitless possibilities with built in query and script building. Furthermore, MPE+® images integrate seamlessly with Forensic Toolkit ® (FTK ®) computer forensics software, allowing you to correlate evidence from multiple mobile devices with evidence from multiple computers within a single interface.