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Global  Reach

Cyber Diligence is able to provide rapid response to incidents around the globe. Our EMEA team, strategically located in Ankara, Turkey, can deploy to any nation in Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East region. This team is comprised of experts certified in the latest digital forensic tools and investigation techniques. Headed by Mr. Sukru Durmaz, Managing Director, EMEA, this team has over fifteen years of experience in digital forensics and cyber crime investigations. Cyber Diligence, EMEA team is able to respond to cases in the EMEA scope – and beyond – within hours. Having made numerous appearances in courts, they can provide expert testimony in the field of digital forensics. An advanced forensic laboratory located in the capital of Turkey, along with years of technical expertise, are applied by our specialists to work with all aspects of digital forensics -- from Mobile Device Forensics to Electronic Data Discovery services.

Our strategic partners are located in Europe and Asia, furthering our mission of encapsulating more of the planet into our global reach. Our partners are firms with strong reputations built upon years of investigative experience. We have established long-standing working relationships with select organizations based on trust and business culture; having cooperated with these firms during numerous investigations, we can vouch for their efficiency and reliability. These partners own and operate their own forensic labs; purpose-built, secure environments are leveraged with decades of experience to solve cases and effectively serve clients.

With an office in England and extensive law enforcement experience, our UK partner firm can readily respond to incidents anywhere in Europe within hours. A management team comprised of former New Scotland Yard officers who have served on ‘hi-tech crime’ units and advised parliament on the judicial implications of digital forensics round out this firm of forensic analysts and engineers. Data recovery, mobile device forensics, litigation support, and training services stand alongside court-recognized investigative practices. Both civil and criminal cases are routine work for this team of experts.

Keeping watch over Asia, our trusted partner in China, with their office strategically situated in Hong Kong, has handled countless highly-sensitive cases. With a proven track record and diverse team of experts, they provide intelligence, digital forensics, and investigative services to a global list of clientele. Fluency in all Chinese dialects and an understanding of the local culture provides our partner with a marked advantage in the field. Seemingly-monumental data collections are routine assignments for our partner; their application of the latest in digital forensic hardware and software results in the rapid and successful imaging of vast variety of digital media. All forensic evidence collected by our partner are sent to our New York digital forensics lab for analysis and investigation.